We all know that getting that perfect, long-lasting tan is a process. If you're not happy with the progress you've been making, ask yourself: "am I maximizing my efforts?" With our range of tanning lotions, you can be sure to develop an attractive, healthy-looking base coat. Take control of your results at every stage with our 3-Step line of tanning lotions!
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Step 1

Our Step 1 lotions help you develop a healthy, long-lasting base tan. These products contain skin care ingredients and vitamins to facilitate the tanning process when you're just starting out on your journey to a rich, golden-brown base tan. You can tailor your results to your goals with Vitatan 2000 tanning technology inside each bottle! 

Step 2

Advanced tanners know the frustration of reaching their "tanning plateau." The methods used to develop your base coat begin to yield diminishing returns, and you may start searching for a more effective solution. Luckily, our Step 2 line of products contains TRF2000™ tanning technologies and is enriched with exclusive CuO2® to help you reach next-level tanning richness!

Step 3

Our Step 3 line of products features advanced hydration and nutrient infusion to enhance the effectivity of the tanning process at every phase. We recommend that you apply daily after any UV-exposure for the best results. Lock in the character of your hard-earned tan with our fortified tanning lotions!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hot Action?
Available in a range of intensity, the reddening and heating sensation of Hot Action™ increases micro-circulation in the skin for greater tanning results. Because your skin's natural melanin production is enhanced, tanners with sensitive skin are recommended to request a spot test before using Hot Action™.

What is Cooling?
California Tan's exclusive menthol-free and alcohol-free cooling technology delivers a unique sensation that cools skin during tanning. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of refreshed, healthy skin as you tan!

What are Bronzers?
Bronzers allow for deeper, richer tans than UV therapy alone. If you're looking for fast, gorgeous results, bronzers deliver color in 2-3 hours as your natural tan develops.
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