Tanning Units


Proper use of a tanning bed can prove extremely therapeutic. Not only does UV therapy make you love the look and feel of the skin you're in, it also boosts vitamin D production which has been shown to dramatically improve your mood and energy levels. A well established base tan can also do wonders to protect yourself against the sun's harmful rays and stave off the symptoms of aging skin. 

At Always Tan, we have numerous types of tanning beds for tailored results in rooms that are clean, private and supplied with headphones and fans for comfort. Our beds utilize "Reflector Lamp Technology" that have a chrome reflector built into the rear of the lamp to direct all light onto our customers' skin. Take a look at our different beds below to choose the right option for your goals!
Starpower large

Star Power 548

Our Star Power model 548 features a 52-lamp high-power bed with 4 facials, shoulder lamps and side panel.

Base Beds

Our Base Beds include 38 - 40 lamps. The 38 lamp beds offer 3 facial tanners, the largest base beds in the area!
Always tan machine
Pryzma large machine
Pryzma Gold Custom
Our Pryzma gold custom, by "Sonnen Braune," offers 44 high-output VHR lamps, 4 facial tanners, and fans at both head and foot for extra comfort.

Klassik Stand-Up

Our "Klassik" Stand-Up offers 56 High-output VHR lamps, and a powerful fan overhead for optimal cooling.
Standup large machine
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